The project

Biel is a child with low vision. As a result of this, their eyes see much less than those of normal people.

Biel has difficulty  for descending steps, crossing streets or running down a path where there is some stone or any irregularity with which to stumble. There are no “normal” glasses that can correct this problem, since it is not a matter of focusing the image better on the retina, but that his retinas can not gather more information.

Even so, there is already the technology needed to create different glasses, glasses that do not just focus better, or even zoom or improve the contrast, like others that do exist, but glasses that really see for themselves, and that they can show Biel, so that their eyes can capture, relevant information in their field of vision to improve his mobility. It is necessary to use the most advanced technologies that are already used in various fields, such as virtual reality, robotics, drones or autonomous cars. Each of them solves part of the problem, and if we know how to mix properly, we will have gotten the magic recipe to make Biel Glasses a reality. Even there is still a way to go, Biel Glasses have already started to walk, as you can see in the following video of our prototype:

Biel is not the only person who has these kind of problems. There are more than 200 millions of people in the world with low vision, especially among the elderly, and they are increasingly due to increased longevity. So, what we want to achieve by making Biel Glasses a reality is also to make it available to all these people, to be able to improve their mobility and therefore their personal autonomy.

Thank you for your interest in the project,

Constanza Lucero, doctor and mother of Biel.

Jaume Puig Adamuz, electronic engineer and father of Biel.